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Maple Sugaring Equipment

Dufresne’s Sugar House now carries for sale a complete line of CDL sugaring equipment, including IPL tubing and fittings, Dallaire evaporators, CDL Reverse Osmosis machines, and vacuum pumps and accessories for vacuum systems.

Located in Western Massachusetts, Dufresne's Sugar House supplies maple sugaring equipment to New England maple syrup producers and other producers located outside of the region.

Please contact us for all pricing information not listed here.

Please call about any equipment needs not specifically listed here, as we carry many more items than can be listed on this page.


2 x 4 Small Brothers cross-flow stainless steel evaporator pans

Steam-away 4 x 8 1997 SOLD

Automatic draw-off with Cholette valve, 2 controllers, and 2 solenoid plungers

10 hp SIHI vacuum pump can be oil or water cooled, 8,000 tap capacity SOLD

Wisconsin motor Model TF, 2 Cylinder, 20 hp, hand crank

Syrup canner, small, great for doing glass

"We will accept quality, Massachusetts produced syrup, especially dark syrup,
in payment for equipment.
We reserve the right to reject any syrup that is not up to our standards. We will grade and judge the syrup here
prior to accepting it."

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Maple Syrup Jugs


We now carry a full line of attractive Les Cruchons jugs for Massachusetts syrup.

We carry gallons, 1/2 gallons, quarts, pints, half-pints, and 3.4 oz(100ml).

Please call or email for individual jug prices and for case prices.

Maple Sugaring Tubing

4 Seasons blue (15-year)
4 Seasons translucent (15-year)
Semi-rigid blue (10-year)
4 Seasons blue (10-year)
4 Seasons Blue (5-year)

Maple Sugar Tubing - Antibacterial

Maple Sugaring Mainline Tubing

¾” 100psi potable 400’ roll
1” 100psi potable 400’ roll
1 ¼” 100psi potable 400’ roll
1 ½” 100psi potable 250’ roll
2” 100psi potable 250’ roll

Maple Sugar Mainline Tubing - Antibacterial

Maple Sugaring Tubing Fittings

Health Spouts
2001 Regular Spout
Health Tee
5/16 Regular Tee
5/16 Quick Disconnect
5/16 Connector
5/16 Beg. Line Connector
5/16 End Line Adapter
IPL Stainless Health Spout

Maple Sugar Tubing Fittings

Maple Sugaring Stainless Spout & Spout Insert Tool

BME Stainless 5/16 spout attaches directly to drop line. Can be easily removed and cleaned each year and reused.

Figure A - 5/16 spout
Figure B - Insert Tool


¾” multi-fitting
1” multi-fitting
1 ¼” or 1 ½” multi-fitting

Wire Ties

5” – 2,500
6” – 2,500
7” – 2,500
8” – 2,500
10” – 2,500
12” – 2,500


¾” stainless
1” stainless
1 ¼” stainless
1 ½” stainless
2” stainless

Ball Valves

1 ¼”
1 ½”

Stainless Connectors

1 ¼”
1 ½”

Tapping Bits

19/64 tapping bit
7/16 tapping bit

Vacuum Gauges

Vacuum Regulators

Vacuum Pumps

SIHI 3hp
SIHI 5hp
SIHI 7.5hp
SIHI 10hp

SIHI Vaccuum Pumps

DeLavel 2hp
DeLavel 3hp
DeLavel 5hp
DeLavel 7.5hp
DeLavel 10hp

DeLavel Vaccuum Pumps

Maple Sap Extractors

750 taps
4,000 taps
6,000 taps
12,000 taps

Maple Sap Extractors

Maple Sap Filter Presses

7” complete
7” diaphragm pump
10” complete
10” diaphragm pump

Maple Sap Filter Presses

Health Barrel

The new health barrel with oxygen barrier liner offers the possibility to keep your syrup in better quality than in a galvanized barrel. Easy to manipulate, it's a new way that is 100% organic.

Plastic Health Barrel
New plastic liner
Steel bag support

Health Barrel to Store Maple Syrup

Used Sap Bucket Set

Includes bucket, cover, spout & hook . Can be used as a collection system or as a decorative piece.

Buckets must be picked up at the farm.

Sap bucket sets - $10.00/set and up.

Used Sap Gathering Tank

275 gallon cage tank for sap storage or vacuum pump cooling tank - $95.00 each, while supplies last.

Tanks must be picked up at the farm.

Stock of used equipment changes all the time.
Please call at 413.268.7509 or email if you are seeking a specific item.

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